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Brand Story

At Pearl Shine, we believe that life is a precious gift, and we’re committed to helping you celebrate it with style and grace. Our brand story is rooted in our love for beauty, craftsmanship, and sustainability, and it’s a reflection of our dedication to creating products that inspire joy and wonder.

Our Story Starts with Passion for Pearls

Pearl Shine is a brand founded by Sebas, who had a passion for pearls and a desire to share its natural beauty with the world. Sebas had always been fascinated by pearls. He loved how they shimmered and glowed in the light. However, as he began to explore the market, he noticed something troubling – countless fake pearls were flooding the market, and it seemed that the true essence of pearls was being lost in a sea of commercialisation.

Determined to do something about it, Sebas embarked on a journey to create a brand that would rediscover the natural beauty of pearls and allow them to shine in their own right. First, he spent months researching and speaking with experts, trying to figure out how he could showcase the true essence of pearls, the way nature intended them to be. Then, he searched for farmers who shared his ideology and worked closely with them to ensure that every pearl sold by Pearl Shine was authentic, natural, and unmanipulated.

Sebas knew the brand was just as crucial as the pearls. So he spent countless hours discussing the logo and name of Pearl Shine with his team and digital marketing agency to ensure that it accurately reflected the brand’s mission and values. After much deliberation, he finally settled on a name and logo that truly captured the essence of Pearl Shine, a reflection of the brand’s commitment to authenticity and natural beauty. That’s why Pearl Shine’s logo and website design are simple and elegant, providing a perfect backdrop for the pearls to showcase their natural splendour.

We take pride in working with farmers who share our passion for preserving the true essence of pearls. Together, we carefully select each pearl, ensuring it meets our strict standards and showcases its unique and natural beauty. By choosing Pearl Shine, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality, natural pearls straight from the source.

Farmers Working with Us

Freshwater Pearl Farmer-Mr. Jiang

Mr. Jiang, the pearl farmer, is a man with a rich history and a passion for his craft. He began his journey in the world of pearl cultivation in 1969 and by 1971, he was selling his prized creations at the Shanghai Arts & Crafts Import/Export Company. Over the years, Mr. Jiang has dedicated himself to the art of aquaculture, honing his skills and perfecting his techniques. His hard work and determination have paid off, as in 2017 he established a pearl farm in the “Pearl City” of China. Here, he has successfully cultivated the prized “Edison” and “Buddha” pearls. Mr. Jiang’s commitment to his craft is truly inspiring, and his story is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. 

Mr. Jiang’s passion for pearl cultivation goes beyond just growing beautiful pearls. He is a true believer in preserving the natural beauty and authenticity of these precious gems. This is why he has chosen to work with Pearl Shine, a company that shares his philosophy on the importance of real, unadulterated pearls. Mr. Jiang’s commitment to honesty and integrity in his craft has earned him a reputation as a purist in the industry. He firmly believes that a pearl’s true beauty lies in its natural imperfections, and it is this belief that sets him apart from others.

Mr Jiang harvesting pearls in the lake

Harvesting Freshwater Pearls

Join us as we follow Mr. Jiang’s daughter on her journey of harvesting freshwater pearls from a lake. Watch as she navigates the waters on a floating plate, a familiar and preferred mode of transportation for her as she grew up cultivating cultured pearls. Discover the challenges she faces and the skills she has honed over the years, making her a master of this unique journey.

Discovering the Treasures of Freshwater Oysters

 Witness the process of opening the oysters to reveal the hidden gems inside. Hear from the farmer as she shares her experiences and occasional insights into the process of planting the pearls. Whether you’re a fan of freshwater pearls or simply interested in learning more about this unique industry, this video is a must-watch! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more captivating content.

Our Commitment

Our brand story is not just about our products. It’s also about our values and our commitment to making a positive impact in the world. We’re proud to be a sustainable brand that cares about the environment and the communities we serve. We use eco-friendly materials, reduce waste, and support ethical practices in all aspects of our business.
Whether you’re looking for a special gift for someone you love, or simply want to treat yourself to something beautiful, we invite you to explore our brand story and discover the magic of Pearl Shine. Shop our collections now at Pearlshine.co.uk and experience the joy of living in style!

A pearl is a symbol of perfection and serenity, representing the best that life can offer. It is a reminder to stay true to yourself, to treasure the present, and to never give up on your dreams.