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Original Pearl Beads

We would like to express our gratitude to our YouTube followers for their support of genuine pearls, which has encouraged us to sell original pearl pearls directly from each video we post. If you want a pearl exactly like the one shown in the video, it requires a lot of work to sort, measure, and select each one. This is not a normal practice in the jewelry industry, especially since we need to showcase that they are from mussels.

Our real pearl beads gained popularity on YouTube

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Real Mussel Opening and Faked Mussel Opening

Real cultured freshwater pearls

We have a lot of TikTok videos of oyster openings, and you can purchase directly from these videos. However, if you watch the videos carefully, you will notice the difference between real and fake mussel openings.

  • Whether the mussel is dry or alive, when you open them, lots of water will come down from the body as they are still alive.
  • Authentic pearls have different shapes from each shell, and it is impossible to get round and shiny pearls every time from every shell.
  • Check whether pearls are real or fake in our knowledge base.